Hack PR Measurements

here’s a quick and fun guage for the ‘buzz’ on the new generation of consoles — specifically the ps3 and the xbox 360.

hits for google news not talking about both consoles at the same time:

as of this writing, the xbox 360 focused link has 6,260 hits. the playstation 3 one has only 384. why do you think that is? is it microsoft man-handling the press? is it their launch lead? is it a ‘bad press is good press’ thing?




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  1. Anonymouse on

    Possibly because only one of the consoles has been released, while the other is still many months off.

  2. m3mnoch on

    could be. could be.

    tho, that’s an amazing difference. shouldn’t sony be talking up their console more? i know that if i had a ‘make or break’ product release coming up, i’d sure as hell have it shouted to the heavens by everyone.


  3. Anonymouse on

    No point talking it up if you don’t have a working copy to back up your claims (especially after what happened with the last one).

  4. m3mnoch on

    too true. that’s why i expect them to ship late next year. that will give stand alone blu-ray players time to cement into the market.

    oh, and it’ll give the 360 a 2 year head start…. whoops.


  5. nico on

    nice blog!


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