Sony’s Not Worried? Huh? 10 Reasons Why They Should Be

evidently, stringer’s not worried about competition from microsoft’s xbox. no offense stringer, but if i were you, i’d be terrified.

a few obvious facts that would have me sitting on a pile of bricks were i in howard stringer’s place:

  1. this time around, there is no 18 month lead over a brand new, unmarketed, unheard of, never even had a console company.
  2. household broadband penetration is high and my competitor’s chief differentiator is their award winning online service — while i have no clear future plans and a crappy existing implementation.
  3. i’m not the only console adored by the japanese. not that it matters because…
  4. japan is third by a long, long way in video game marketshare (2004 statistics) and accounts for only about 12.5% of a global market. north america and europe make up almost 70%.
  5. we’ll launch with an extremely expensive console when our competitors, one who is known for a low pricepoint and one who will be hitting a price cut, already have theirs out.
  6. our only differentiator is a brand new blu-ray format which is likely to destroy the company because of a greedy move for securing the media as a standard without thinking about channel conflict.
  7. we’ve projected our first annual loss as a company in 11 years.
  8. some of my most important and exclusive developers are no longer exclusive.
  9. the media is spending a much greater amount of time talking about my competitor than me.
  10. 2005 was a disappointingly low sales season for video games. sales are down.
  11. BONUS REASON: my chief competitor is a cut-throat, monopolizing, do anything to achieve their goals, already convicted of evil tactics, $60 billion in cash having, almost 7 times our valuation, can’t remember their last annual loss, stopping at nothing to destroy competition marketshare, examples of previous company killing existing, second largest company in the world monster no one can stop.

yeah. it’s pretty safe to say howard stringer is an idiot to not be worried. tho, you have to wonder how much of that is just him pulling an iraqi information minister. they’ve been awful quiet over there considering they are supposed to launch in a couple months….

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  1. paradox on

    This is right on the money. I think the PS3 is the least looked-forward-to console. For me, it’s all about the Revolution.

  2. m3mnoch on

    yep. it really is missing a differentiator. it’s relying on internal parts and black magic as it’s console seller. it doesn’t have a ‘live’ or a ‘crazy controller.’ your average consumer doesn’t care about ‘cell’ anymore than they care about hd dvd. almost every person i’ve talked to says ‘dvd’s aren’t high def already?’ they are just blanket quantifiying it based on the jump from vhs. nobody but the hardcore care about hd dvd.

    they’re relying on their brand. ‘fuck pants! we’re sony!’

    oh. wait. check that. they do have a crazy controller. the problem is that it’s ‘laugh’ crazy, not ‘cool’ crazy.


  3. trendthrift on

    Agreed. That controller looks terrible. Am I right in thinking they’ve since claimed it was just a prototype and that it could well change? Either way it looked ridiculous. Of course, you can never tell with these things until you get your hands on them, but it didn’t exactly look comfortable to use.

    I’ll be picking up a PS3 but, like paradox, I’m far more excited about the Revolution.

  4. m3mnoch on

    yep. i suspect it will certainly change. especially give the fact that it wasn’t on display at ces. previously, it was always a ps3 and the controller beneath the glass.

    this time? no controller.


  5. paradox on

    m2mnoch, that fuck pants, we’re sony thing on CtrlAltDel or Penny Arcade or whatever was hilarious, made my day. And that controller really was something out of this world. I can’t believe how many boomerang-hunting jokes it spawned. I hope Sony finds another whack ad campaign, like the crazy PSP ones. “PSP. It’s like can watch outside”

  6. m3mnoch on


    ow. sides hurt now. thanks.

    i hadn’t seen that psp campaign. damn funny. i’m not much into portables yet, tho.


  7. […] …or was I right? This guy is only backing what I’ve been saying for a long time now, and his post has been on the top ten list for posts on WordPress for almost a week. There is now way Sony is going to get any advantage in this round of the video game showdown. Nor will they get any mercy from Microsoft and Nintendo. […]

  8. […] runs through a lot of the same things i’ve been saying since as early as last november. […]

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