Disappearing for a Couple Days

as much as i’d like to write some more of this interesting stuff that all 2 of you out there read, i’m gonna take a few days off.  instead of spending my precious-little free time posting here, i’ll be working on my entry for the bioware writing contest.

i’m not really sure i’d take a full time job on the off chance that i won, as i’m really busy with a few other things.  but, it’d be really nice to just win.  heh.
luckily, most of the things i want to write about here in the near future aren’t too time critical:

  • my battle between personal creation and consumption
  • using object-oriented methods to build a global set of “effects” for a game
  • online distribution of games, movies, music and other content through xbox live

hopefully, i’ll have some time to catch back up this side of christmas.

talk to you soon.


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