I’ve Changed My Mind – Microsoft Sucks!

yep. that’s it. my mind is officially and irrevocably changed. microsoft has now officially screwed up the 360 launch.

so, i talked about the japan-to-western-world ratio as far as a launch a bit already. well, now, i officially don’t give a damn about japan in the global video game market. in my humble opinion, 9 out of 10 japanese developers make dumb, boring games! ha! so take that!

alright. maybe it’s just my rage talking at seeing all of those unloved 360’s on the shelf when there are so many people in north america and europe are wanting them so badly. good developers are good developers no matter where they build games — rez, ninja gaiden, katamari, etc.

anyway, back to the whole microsoft screwed things up bit. according to bloomberg, they only sold 39% of the 360’s they shipped! can you believe that?!?!? that means 61% of japan’s xbox 360’s could have gone to gamers who actually wanted them! grrrrr!

microsoft totally screwed the pooch here!

oh, wait….

they only sent 160k consoles over there? so, that would have been only another 70k for north america and europe? oh. well. that doesn’t really make a real dent in demand, huh? in fact, i bet they crank that many out each day.

hrm. so, that puts it at about 800k available for a worldwide, simultaneous launch? and they actually distributed consoles according to market size?

alright. maybe that’s not too terrible.

dammit. they’re still in trouble anyway! damn them for making such a cool product that so many people wanted it at launch!



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