“Xbox 360 is Not a Revolution”

i’m not sure if i’ve really made this clear yet, but this is a blog about game development. not about bashing the ps3. or japan. they (and their fans) just happen to be doing dumb things.

so, in that vein, i want to make sure and call attention to the nintendo guys over at ign. they’ve written up a much, much better piece on reasons to wait for the nintendo revolution. unlike the garbage that was the ps3 article, they actually make some valid points.

imagine that! leaning on games and other branded innovations (a.k.a. differentiators) from nintendo for their reasoning instead of turning random features (7 controllers, multiple tvs, etc.) into “must have” bullet points.

sorry for cribbing your title guys. couldn’t help it. was such a great headline.

Xbox 360 is Not a Revolution


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