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Fixing MMOG Economies

i’ve written up a draft of how to fix game economies over on my writely account.

Fixing Game Economies or: How I Learned to Stop Up the Sink and Love the Hero’s Journey


10 dumb reasons to wait for the ps3

in response to the dumb article the ps3 editors over at ign wrote:

Reason #10: Xbox 360 Doesn’t Have a Killer App
this is actually almost a legitimate reason to not buy a system at launch. however, i’m pretty sure there’ll be a ‘killer app’ by the time the ps3 finally launches. that is, if you don’t count xbox live as a killer app. it is, by the way, the single solitary reason i will spend my money first on an xbox.

Reason #9: Dual-Screen and 1080p Support
what? dual screen? who in god’s name has two tvs set up side by side in their living room? and 1080p? um. okay. 99% of the people out there don’t even have an hdtv anyway, much less a 1080p set. way to go sony! target a niche within a niche for your ‘mainstream’ system!

Reason #8: Hefty Expandability / Connectivity Options
um. the xbox 360 connects to a pc, man. there’s no such thing as more connectivity. not to mention the media center capaabilities!

Reason #7: You Can Still Pre-Order
you know what? we could pre-order an xbox 360 a year ago. oh! look! and we walked in and got one — a year before the ps3 launched. what kind of stupid reasoning is that? maybe if the ps3 was the only system ever in existence you could preorder. duh.

Reason #6: Seven-Player Wireless Support
raise your hand if you have 7 guys sitting on your couch. oh, and rock, paper, scissors for the poor bastard trying to play at a 12 degree angle to the tv. oh, and also don’t forget about the 7 panel split screen…. brilliant! there’s a reason systems up to now could possibly support 7 people but chose not to.

Reason #5: The HD IP Camera
see reason #8 about the media center — you can watch tv or a other video on your 360! oh, and the 360 is also coming with a camera.

Reason #4: Full Backwards Compatibility
big titles on xbox are not only backwards compatible, they are cross-platform compatible. so, halo2 on xbox vs. halo2 on 360 works. and, if i have a hankerin’ for some other game, well, that’s why i still own an xbox. i can still play it on there.

Reason #3: Stronger Japanese Developer Support
so, what about the 95% of the north american video game audience who things japanese games are stupid? maybe it’s just me. there’s a reason why japan is slipping down into 3rd as far as regional audience. the rest of the world, as it moves beyond the hardcore gamer crowd, is realizing the same thing. japanese games are dumb. again, target the niche sony! woot!

Reason #2: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
no offense, but, the game may look nice, but, i want to actually play, thank you. having 60% of the game be cutscenes is damn stupid. this title was revolutionary a while ago, but it’s a non-issue now. give me a good zelda game or pdz or splinter cell any day.

Reason #1: The Blu-ray Player
the one real advantage is storage space. well. if that was an advantage. filling 5 times the storage space means producing 5 times the art. that means 5 times the development costs. microsoft is right on the button with this one. there’s a fundamental shift in game development towards procedural content (3 processor cores) and user created content (hard drive and xbox live). not becuase of ‘lack of space on the disc’ but because of lack of resources to create the content itself. blu-ray for the ps3 is sooooo overrated it’s not even funny. too much cost for too little return.

seriously, if you are going to come up with a list of reasons to wait, make them good reasons. not some stretched out half assed grasping at straws attempt to write some kind of content that has something to do with something other than the xbox 360.

it’s the launch of a new console with no competition, man. did you think folks were going to be talking about the ps3? of course not. tho, next year at this time, there will be plenty for you to talk about the ps3.

i think it’s more like, patience ps3, not patience xbox 360.